Symbolic links on Windows XP alias NTFS junctions

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Junction v1.05 by Mark Russinovich (site)

To determine if a file is a junction, specify the file name:

junction c:\test

To list junctions beneath a directory, include the –s switch:

junction -s c:\

To create a junction c:\Program-Files for "c:\Program Files":

C:\>md Program-Files
C:\>junction c:\Program-Files "c:\Program Files"

To delete a junction, use the –d switch:

junction -d c:\Program-Files


C:\Downloads>junction.exe c:\www\nawebe\dubova\include c:\www\nawebe\wmcore\include
C:\Downloads>junction.exe c:\www\nawebe\dubova\mod c:\www\nawebe\wmcore\mod
C:\Downloads>junction.exe c:\www\nawebe\dubova\layout-default c:\www\nawebe\wmcore\layout-default

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Get List Of Installed Apps

Run Command Prompt as administrator.

/output:C:\InstallList.txt product get name,version

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