Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts

4. 3. 2010

My commonly used Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts. //Dedicated to Laco ;)

N            - Go to Next Unread Message
A            - Archive Message
CTRL+N       - Create new Message
CTRL+R       - Reply to Message (sender only)
Ctrl+Shift+R - Reply to All (all recipients)
CTRL+ENTER   - Send message
CTRL+K       - Focus the quick search box
\            - Collapse All Threads
*            - Expand All Threads

With Nostalgy Extension:

ESC-ESC	- Focus the thread pane
ESC-M	- Focus the message pane
Ctrl-Left/Right - Scroll the message from the thread pane
L	- Hide/show the folder pane
G	- Open a specific folder
S	- Move the current message to a specific folder
B	- Move the current message to a specific folder and go there
C	- Copy the current message to a specific folder


Nostalgy introduces a notion of rule . A rule associates a folder to a message by looking for a substring of the From, To/Cc, or Subject headers (or a combination of them). A rule can be restricted to match messages only under a given server/folder. When a rule selects a folder for a given message, Nostalgy informs you in the status line. You can then use the Shift-S/Shift-C/Shift-G/Shift-B shortcuts to move/copy/go directly to this folder.

In the Composer

When typing in a header, it's possible to change easily the header to either "To:", "Cc:" or "Bcc:". To do so, you need to be at the beginning of the input box, and simply type "to ", "cc " or "bcc " (with the whitespace, without the quotes).

The ESC-ESC combination focuses the message body. The ESC-A combination opens the file attachment dialog.


Switch to new version of Thunderbird and install CustomizeHeaderToolbar Extension, then right click on header -> Customize -> Show -> Icons and add or remove items by dragging. ;)



* Pri odpovedi vám príde notifikácia na e-mail

* Pri odpovedi vám príde notifikácia na e-mail